Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Discovery, Partnership, and Empowerment of godly Mozambican leaders.

Job Creation

It's hard to know which statistics to trust, whether unemployment is at 17% or 40% (yes, the sources vary that much), but we know hundreds of people in need of work.

One thing that can hold some Mozambicans back is the deep cultural distrust for trying new things. While Americans love coming up with new ideas and trying them out, most Africans are generally more cautious and prefer sticking to tried-and-true methods. As a result, the market gets flooded with thousands of people doing exactly the same thing—selling bananas or phone credit, sewing school uniforms or reselling thrift-store-rejects from the West. Competition rises until few people can actually eke a living out of their business.

Equip Mozambique seeks to find niches in the market -products and services that no one else is doing yet - and encourage brave Mozambicans to take a step into the unknown and try something new. So far, these new ventures have been very successful and the entrepreneurs have been able to support themselves and even hire other Mozambicans!

This particular work is truly at the heart of our mission—DISCOVERING those courageous visionaries who are willing to step out, PARTNERING with them in their dreams, and EMPOWERING them to make those dreams a reality.

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